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Saggaan ra kushaada-and, ‘o’ sing ra basta

thumbnail imageHalf-hearted denials and condemnations are not going to appease the tormented and agonised families who lose their dear ones nor hoodwink the people who struggle for their rights

Mother of abducted Baloch son looks to hactivists for information

thumbnail imageWe hope that those hackers will see the pictures of our missing people and the pictures of brutal torture and, if they do, I am sure they will understand how the families of these people--mother, father, sister, wife or brother--all feel pain over them. We still have faith in this world and the millions who feel the pain of other human beings, but we also need information. We need to find our loved ones.

Pakistan's military accused of escalating draconian campaign in Balochistan

thumbnail imageHuman rights groups criticise lack of action by civilian leaders to check torture and execution of nationalists in border region

When citizens look to hackers for help

thumbnail imageWas this [Lieutenant General Javed Zia's statement] a tacit admission that the ISI and the Frontier Corps have been involved in the extrajudicial killings, as independent and Baloch observers have repeatedly alleged?

DailyTimes editorial: Balochistan and the army's 'concerns'

thumbnail imageLieutenant General Javed Zia expressed his concern that the way things were going, it might result in Balochistan breaking away from the country.

Militant liberal

thumbnail imageAs other progressive and anti-IJT groups like Baloch Students Organization (BSO), Pakhtun Students Federation (PkSF) and the nascent All Pakistan Mohajir Students Organization (APMSO) formed the United Students Movement (USM) at the University of Karachi, PSF got together with NSF to form Taleba Ittihad (TI)...

One day Balochistan will be a free country by Tarek Fatah

thumbnail imageTarek Fatah's message on the memorial of Prof. Saba Dashtyari in Canada

How Pakistan uses US military aid as a cover

thumbnail imageThe US is withholding $800m in military aid. This money - ostensibly funding anti-Talbian operations - is used to disguise Pakistan's assault on Baloch nationalism.

Callous indifference

thumbnail imageThe states in general are obsessed with their sham ideologies or at times enticed by multi-nationals and lending bodies forget that the people are of primary importance. This obsession is so strong that even parties ideologically committed to peoples’ rights and welfare become anti-people

Spinning half-truths on Balochistan

thumbnail imageNot that the state did not have an option to befriend the Baloch middle class, especially when Gwadar was being developed, through distributing land amongst the educated, professional, working class Baloch. However, the state adopted the age-old formula of going through the tribal stakeholders and putting some of the land at the disposal of its handpicked chief minister for further distribution amongst his clients.

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