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Tearing Down Walls

thumbnail imageThere is no wall between Quetta to Karachi, only the journey is long and unforgiving, through the wilderness, both physical and moral. It is even longer and more unforgiving if the many hundred kilometers are to be covered walking. Mama Abdul Qadir Baloch along with many Baloch men, women and children make this trip to protest and lament their loved ones who have gone ‘missing’.

A historical protest: #VMBPLongMarch

thumbnail imageThose of us away from Balochistan can also be a part of this protest by joining the twitter and Facebook campaign using hashtag #VBMPLongMarch to show our commitment with Balochistan and our solidarity with the families of enforced-disappeared Baloch and martyrs of liberation struggle.

Balochistan - Blacked Out

thumbnail imageThe history of Balochistan has been peppered with unimaginable violence and depravation by the federal government since the birth of Pakistan. The resource rich province, one of the largest in the country has been starved of its riches and subjected to violent crackdowns by the army and religious militant groups alike.

“Benefit of Doubt”: On the Murder of Dalits and the Baloch

thumbnail imageIn Balochistan apart from the oppressive state machinery there is a glut of Ranvir Sena type armies which being establishment’s proxies help it in its ‘dirty war’ against Baloch nationalists. They also target the beleaguered Hazaras who have been the prime target in the sectarian killings in Balochistan with impunity. The state while promoting vigilante violence against nationalists turns blind eye to violence against Shia.

Dear Mr Prime Minister

thumbnail imageWhile your government may have pleasant stories for some, Balochistan is on the verge of death with a sharp increase in human rights violations, humanitarian crisis, and socio-economic erosion.

Balochistan; the Most Important Place on Earth

thumbnail imageThroughout all recorded history, when each of the most prolific empires was at its peak, the rugged harsh terrain of Balochistan was its frontier.

Letter requesting leniency for Jeremy Hammond

thumbnail imageBaloch mother: "Maybe these hackers will uncover information that will reveal to us if our children are alive or dead."

We can’t help Balochistan

thumbnail imageThe government does not provide electricity, gas or other facilities to the remote areas, saying that the population is scarce and scattered over a vast landmass, which increases the costs incurred. The province is half the size of Pakistan but its infrastructure is shoddy, with many towns inaccessible via vehicles. There are a few hospitals but they have no doctors and there are schools but they have no teachers. But people continue to hear the slogan “We can deal with the situation” whenever it comes to Balochistan.


thumbnail imageThe government and its ministers along with the army are quick to blame the Baloch for putting up hurdles in relief work and the social media and the mainstream media join the chorus

Voices from Balochistan: Silent screams of a quake survivor & The most unfortunate man in the world

thumbnail imageI have no stats to prove this, no evidence to support my argument but if you are destined to be the most unfortunate person in the world you will be born as a baloch in Balochistan

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