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An interview with a Baloch guerrilla commander

thumbnail imageCommander Allah Nazar: "Pakistan is an irresponsible state that is putting the civilized world in danger."

Understanding B.N.P and its Initiatives – and their Policy Implications on Baloch Politics

thumbnail imageThe president of Balochistan National Party (B.N.P) Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal’s recent visit to Islamabad raised many eyebrows. His appearance before the Pakistan Supreme Court, his discussions with opposition politicians and, more importantly, his proclamation of conflict resolution agenda – embodied in Six-Point confident building measures – came under intense scrutiny in Baloch political circles.

Frank talk: Expert sees ethnic meltdown in Balochistan

thumbnail imageKARACHI: Amidst a gathering at Karachi’s The Second Floor (T2F) on Friday, Ali Dayan Hassan, the Pakistan Director for Human Rights Watch, described Balochistan as a province which was on the verge of an ethnic meltdown.

Balochistan is burning

thumbnail imageBalochistan, the most important part of Pakistan, is on fire — emotionally, socially and politically. In my recent interviews with some Baloch leaders in Karachi, I found a deep sense of grief, alienation and anger with an overlay of traditional Baloch chivalry, honour and commitment to their land and community.

Pakistan's Other Taliban

thumbnail imageThe Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), an underground Sunni extremist group that allegedly receives support from units of Pakistani intelligence agencies, has accepted responsibility for most of such attacks in the recent past.

UN panel spotlights disappearances in Balochistan

thumbnail imageFor years, human rights groups had hoped that Western governments might lead an international outcry over a little-known epidemic of abductions, torture and murder in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan. They were disappointed.

Fires and shrinking exit doors

thumbnail imageOne logical outcome of this mindless strategy is that once the number of missing persons in Balochistan has crossed a certain threshold, one might have to contemplate the grim possibility of a “Missing Balochistan”.

Balochistan — ballot or the bullet?

thumbnail imageRecent revelations about the 2008 elections in Balochistan also confirm how pro-establishment candidates were flooded with “money and support” by the security apparatus.

Balochistan's Unintended Fatal Contact with Pakistan

thumbnail imageInitially there was no connection between Baluchistan and the phenomenon of Pakistan except one. This connection, as it happened, became one of the most disastrous and destructive calamity known to Baluch history.

Balochistan and the upcoming elections

thumbnail imageThe elections will be a futile exercise if there is no change in the current composition of the Balochistan Assembly. The status quo did not change after the 2008 elections and a similar outcome this time will further block a ballot-driven solution for the Balochistan conflict.

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