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Self-Determination and Its Interpretation

thumbnail imageBalochistan represents a post-charter annexation because Pakistan invaded and seized independent Balochistan in 1948. The case of Balochistan is certainly that of a genuine de-colonisation to restore the pre-colonial status. Baloch is a distinct Nation, possessing its own traditional homeland, its own unique language and a unique culture, and like other nations of the world, has a right to self-determination...

The Kidnapping of Another Baloch Journalist, a BalochHal editorial

thumbnail imageAs expected, most Pakistani news channels and newspapers have avoided reporting about the kidnapping of an articulate journalist [Javid Naseer Rind] because they do not want to jeopardize their own lives and economic interests by antagonizing the elements responsible for the abduction.

Comment: Pakistan--No room for diversity; no future for minorities

thumbnail imagePakistan has no room for diversity, and the minorities--ethnic or religious--don't have much of a future. Neither do languages, for all languages other than Urdu and Punjabi are in danger.

A monster roaming the world

thumbnail imageThe West has spent billions trying to buy Pakistan's friendship but the jihadists are stronger than ever, writes Paul McGeough.

Agony, anguish and angst

thumbnail imageThe ‘day of disappeared persons’ is not commemorated to remind the disappeared persons’ families and friends because they never forget their loved ones; it is to remind deviant states that disappear people, of their moral and legal obligations

Terror outsourced

thumbnail imageIn Balochistan, the lives of Baloch journalists, intellectuals, students and activists are very tenuous. Newspapers reported that on August 18 and 19, a total of eight bodies of missing persons were found from Pasni, Hub and Mastung areas. Four of these were found in Mastung, which the Baloch claim were in retaliation for the attack on Siraj Raisani. The terror against the Baloch people has been outsourced by the army and the FC to death squads going under names such as Baloch Mussala Diffa Tanzeem and Tehreek Nifaz Aman Balochistan, which are run from Mastung and Khuzdar.

Pakistan’s Bitter, Little-Known Ethnic Rebellion

thumbnail imageGENEVA — A slim figure in a dark suit, Brahumdagh Bugti, 30, could pass for a banker in the streets of this sedate Swiss city. But in truth he is a resistance leader in exile, a player in an increasingly ugly independence war within Pakistan

Balochistan caught in spiral of violence

thumbnail imageA recently-released fact-finding report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) stated that "The Pakistani security services are brazenly disappearing, torturing and often killing people because of suspected ties to Baloch nationalist movement".

Balochistan’s Forgotten Saleem Shahzad (s)

thumbnail imageSaleem Shahzad, the Asia Times journalist, who was allegedly killed by the Inter-Services Intelligence, today epitomizes journalistic courage. His name is also intertwined with reporters’ extraordinary reactions in Pakistan to the murder of a fellow colleague by the country’s invisible soldiers.

Body bags in Baluchistan

thumbnail imageHuman rights watchdogs have repeatedly called on Islamabad to stop unlawful killings in Baluchistan, where hundreds of political activists have been killed in separatist and sectarian violence involving both homegrown and regional insurgents.

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