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Of Nobel Peace Laureates and Dirty Wars

thumbnail imageIf a Nobel Peace Prize can be bestowed upon President Barack Obama who supports a drone target-kill program infamous for its ‘kill list,’ then surely an organization caught in U.S. foreign policy cross-fire deserves consideration for its herculean efforts to inform and educate the citizens of Balochistan and Pakistan about the world in which they live. Let's give peace a chance. I nominate Daily Tawar for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Turning Balochistan Into a Cemetery

thumbnail imageThis is not the first time that a military operation has been carried out by the Frontier Corps (FC), a paramilitary force, in southern Balochistan’s Mashky, Awaran District. The FC launched another operation just two months ago. Unlike the current offensive, this earlier, mid-October operation was denounced from the floor of the provincial assembly by the Balochistan Minister for Agriculture, Asad Baloch. He said that the operation had been carried out without the Government of Balochistan’s consent. Their silence this time around is telling, and has caused many to speculate that they did issue their consent when the FC launched the operation on December 25th.

A City Without an Obituary

thumbnail imageThe attack on the Hazara Shia community hall in Quetta has finally shocked the Pakistani state into taking action against the slaughter of that community in Balochistan.

Pakistan: A Bloody Terror to Itself and the West

thumbnail imageAn unprecedented protest is unfolding in Balochistan capital of Quetta in Pakistan. One hundred coffins and thousands of people are blocking a road to protest the slaughter of Shia Muslims by Sunni Muslim terrorists allied with the Taliban.

Nationalism, religion a deadly mix in Balochistan

thumbnail imageThe attack on the Hazara Shia community hall in Quetta has finally shocked the Pakistani state into taking action against the slaughter of that community in Balochistan.

Does the UDHR apply to the people of Balochistan?

thumbnail imageAs the world marks International Human Rights Day ‘10 December’ Pakistan and Iran should be urged to respect the Human Rights of the Baloch people and end the illegal occupation of Balochistan.

Charting the uncharted

thumbnail imageBalochistan cannot and should not be an exclusively Baloch club; different people have lived here since centuries and have as much right as the ethnic Baloch to live in peace here

A snapshot of Balochistan

thumbnail imageBalochistan faces a multitude of problems, including worsening human rights violations, economic stagnation, Talibanisation, sectarian targeted killings, political assassinations, abductions for ransom, mass migration, deteriorating health and education infrastructures, mismanagement of natural resources, skyrocketing corruption, bad governance and institutional breakdown. These issues combined have brought the province to the verge of total collapse.

Let bygones be bygones

thumbnail imageThe Baloch are seeking to undo the historical wrong committed against them on March 27, 1948, and all the injustices that stemmed from that

Evictions, Oil Wells and the Chinese

thumbnail imageKhuzdar, East Balochistan's second most populated city is a literal war zone.

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