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Dr. Nazar: a man's struggle for his country

thumbnail imageIn a rare glimpse into this conflict and into a region veiled by its near-blackout media status, Dr. Allah Nazar, one of the best-known Baloch resistance leaders with boots on the ground, agreed to an interview.

How many more have to die before we can stop weeping?

thumbnail imageFor how long will our mothers and sisters have to weep for the mutilated corpses of our brothers “gifted” to us by Pakistani forces? They are punished with death because they were fighting for the rights of Balochs in their own state land.

Angry Baloch people

thumbnail imageOnly collaborators can present eulogies and excuses in return for the increasing number of dead bodies of educated Baloch youth being dumped daily

Chasing Bramdagh Bugti, a Baloch Hal editorial

thumbnail imageAccording to a fresh report, the government of Pakistan has officially contacted Swiss authorities asking them to refuse political asylum to Baloch nationalist leader Nawabzada Bramdagh Bugti. A grandson of former governor and chief minister Nawab Akbar Bugti, the junior Bugti heads his own political outfit, the Baloch Republican Party (BRP).

The height of barbarity

thumbnail imageTHE Pakistani establishment’s love of the grotesque is apparently incurable. Instead of talking to the people of Balochistan about their raw wounds it is raising the matter with the Indian security people. Meanwhile, the dirge from the luckless province is getting more and more bitter.

Pakistan's secret dirty war

thumbnail imageIn Balochistan, mutilated corpses bearing the signs of torture keep turning up, among them lawyers, students and farm workers. Why is no one investigating and what have they got to do with the bloody battle for Pakistan's largest province?

Balochistan’s Burden of Slavery

thumbnail imageLet this day be a reminder that if we fail to unite as a nation, we are doomed to remain disunited as slaves.

One who pays the Piper calls the tune

thumbnail imageAny outcome other than the release and departure of Raymond Davis would have absolutely surprised me because you cannot expect the piper to play any tunes of his choice when not only is he paid to play but even the pipe he has belongs to the provider

Islamabad’s barbarism

thumbnail imageIslamabad’s policy of eliminating the political backbone of Baloch society through a ‘kill and dump’ strategy will further the Baloch resolve to look for alternatives rather than sticking with merciless Islamabad

Herald Exclusive: The dead end

thumbnail imageThe democratically elected representatives of the province have also failed to raise the issue, let alone address it. None of the 65 members of Balochistan Assembly during the last two years has moved a resolution to discuss the disappearances and extrajudicial killings. That 64 of these members are part of the provincial government and yet they have not taken up the issue even once means they are either helpless or unwilling to do something about it.

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