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Mehran Baluch at the fourth forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations held in Doha, Qatar

thumbnail imageI would like to bring a different perspective to this cultural diversity and inclusion day. Many people have become victims of forceful assimilation into different cultures . . .

Balochistan – a human rights free zone

thumbnail imageEvery year on this momentous day, 60-year old retired bank employee Abdul Qadeer Baloch organises special events in Balochistan capital, Quetta, to mark the international human rights day. He has organised, for instance, hunger strike camps and convened press conferences to raise the voices of the families of the disappeared Baloch political activists, students and professionals.

Mutilated Bodies In Balochistan And The Silence Of The International Community

thumbnail imageThe Baloch nation considers the abductions and killings of the Baloch youths by these organizations a crime against humanity and holds the state of Pakistan responsible for such crimes. Pakistan is continuing her dirty war in Balochistan under the guise of these civil death squads.

Terrorist oder Freiheitskampfer?: Terrorist or freedom fighter?

thumbnail imageBrahamdagh Bugti is one of the most sought-after men in his native Pakistan. Bugti sees himself as a politician who is fighting for the independence of the province of Baluchistan. For a year, the 30-year-old clan leader has lived in Geneva, applying for asylum in Switzerland. This is a tricky case for Switzerland. This is his first TV interview in the Times.

CrisisBalochistan comments on "A drive through troubled Balochistan"

thumbnail imageBaloch separatists have reasons to hate it because, like the insurgency in the 1970s, the FC is in the forefront of the fight against the Baloch saboteurs.

Unending distress in Balochistan

thumbnail imageThere have been so many cases of such killings over the past several months that it is difficult to keep a count of them.

Baloch blood on our hands

thumbnail imageThe need of the hour is to stop the military operation at once. The Frontier Corps (FC) has terrorised the Baloch for many years now. It is time to stop their brutal activities. Kidnapping, torturing and murdering our own Baloch brethren is not something that can be allowed to take place. Baloch insurgents have taken up arms in frustration. The calls for ‘freedom’ are a result of the FC’s ‘kill and dump’ policy.

Missing Balochistan

thumbnail imageEven if we buy the government’s claim that the number of missing persons in Balochistan has declined, it is only because many of them have lately been found dead.

Indian TV Journos Have More Time To Promote Imran Khan Than To Draw Attention To Tragedy Of Balochs

thumbnail imageOnly some sections of the Pakistani print media such as the “Daily Times” of Lahore and the “News” have been drawing attention to the colossal human tragedy in Balochistan.

If Pakistan were to line up the Baloch and shoot, would their murders receive more attention?

thumbnail imageOn November 4, 2011, the day the body of the 13th victim journalist Javed Rind was recovered, Balochistan Chief Minister Raisani stated 'a separate Balochistan is not practical.' This may be true in the eyes of Pakistan's officials and elites and Balochistan's Chief Minister, but life for many Baloch within Pakistan has not proved practical either.

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