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Baloch rebels inspire separatists in Sindh

thumbnail imageBomb attacks on railway tracks across Sindh indicate the rise of a separatist movement that takes inspiration from the freedom movement in Balochistan

Respect for mandates!

thumbnail imageThe army has the authority to ensure that all Baloch people get to see a ‘ten rupee note’ in their lifetime, though it has often enough shown them the devastating prowess of multi-million dollar F-16s, helicopter gunships and artillery shells

Tarek Fatah speaks about the Balochistan Freedom Movement on Canadian SUN Television

thumbnail imageThis is the first time the subject of Balochistan has been discussed on a Canadian TV channel. SUN News Network is a Canada-wide Current Affairs TV Network reaching millions of Canadians every day. The show where this was discussed is called "The Arena" and is hosted by Michael Coren.

Deep Waters; Baluchistan's Fight for Independence

thumbnail imagePakistani government and/or military and security agency efforts to control Internet content, install listening posts to monitor communications, kill Web activists, commit indiscriminate assaults on Baluch civilians, mass military resources, demand the repatriation of Baluch diaspora and employ antagonizing tactics to threaten citizens all point to what may be termed as a "contain & kill" policy.

Balochistan & Bangladesh - Enduring Pakistan's Selective Genocide

thumbnail imageIn the rugged mountains of southwest Pakistan, exists a place of great violence, tremendous strife, and a distinct lack of world media attention, called Balochistan. Like so many places, the people of this place do not see themselves as part of the nation that swallowed them up in a post-WWII land grab that robbed their national autonomy like a thief in the night. Time and time again, Balochistan has been an ethnic battlefield for a never-ending conflict that came to be known as 'Pakistan's Dirty War'

Balochistan's Ho Chi Minh moment

thumbnail imageNo state today may embark upon an ethnic cleansing of a people and then invoke sovereignty as a shield against international scorn or humanitarian intervention.

No flotilla for Balochistan: Western media ignore this ongoing, slow-motion genocide

thumbnail imageA terrible war is unfolding in a faraway land called Balochistan. Almost daily, bodies of young men, kidnapped and tortured to death by the Pakistan occupation army, end up in ditches. Others, still alive, are thrown from helicopters into the arms of the rough mountain terrain below.

Balochistan ceasefire & political settlement proposed at UN

thumbnail imageBritish human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell has “condemned Pakistan’s intensified repression in Balochistan, urged the UN to send a fact-finding mission, called on the International Criminal Court to issue arrest warrants for Pakistani leaders and outlined proposals for military de-escalation and a negotiated political settlement in Balochistan.

VSH Interview With Dr. Allah Nazar

thumbnail imageDem Pa Dem's Razzaq Sarbazi and Shah Nawaz Interview Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

Exclusive Interview With Sardar Akhtar jan Mengal by Homayoon Mobaraki Introduction part 1 (3)

thumbnail imageRozhn TV producer Homayoon Mobaraki interviews Baloch leader Sardar Akhtar Mengal: A long march with Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal

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