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“Congress should support dismembering Af-Pak”

thumbnail imageOver the last two months, a small faction of Congressmen has laid the foundation for an alternative Afghanistan-Pakistan policy. They do not favour strengthening relations with the Pakistan government nor do they accept normalising relations with the Taliban, if it leads to Pashtun dominance in Afghanistan. Instead, they propose backing remnants of the Northern Alliance seeking to establish semi-autonomous provinces in Afghanistan and Baloch nationalists hoping to create an independent state of Balochistan.

“No peace in Balochistan without referendum”

thumbnail imageAs the only witness of Baloch ethnicity to speak at the recent Baluchistan hearing before the United States Congress, Mr. M. Hossein Bor disagrees with comments that he was not relevant to the proceedings.

The weak hands of justice

thumbnail imagePeople often wonder why these agencies and their henchmen invite condemnation and ire by displaying abducted persons’ brutally tortured dead bodies. There is a very simple bully’s logic behind it: instilling fear in the hearts of those who dare to fight for Baloch rights

Pakistan's Colonial State of Mind Keeps Baloch in Chains

thumbnail imageEver since the country's establishment the Punjabi elite, in viceregal tradition, have ruled Pakistan's provinces as if they were colonies while undermining ethnic identity and nationalist sentiment by using Islam as a unifying element. Ali explains why this misguided strategy backfired:

"Stick it to the Pakistanis" (with comments on Ms. Fair's statements by CB)

thumbnail imageIn the days before last week’s Congressional hearing on Balochistan, Dr C. Christine Fair, an Assistant Professor at Georgetown University, was extremely critical of the proceedings, going so far as to call the hearing a “political stunt” and one of her fellow witnesses a “nut” in a series of Twitter exchanges.

Pak agencies now on “kill and eliminate” mission in Balochistan

thumbnail imageThere have been so many cases of such killings over the past several months that it is difficult to keep a count of them.

Taking cognizance

thumbnail imageSurely Balochistan is not going to become independent due to Congressional committee meetings. The only positive outcome of this meeting for the Baloch is that it has highlighted their plight and this may encourage other western countries to pay more attention to the human rights abuses in Balochistan

Pakistan: The war on terror-ISI style

thumbnail imageA gruesome double murder in Karachi reveals the strategy of Pakistan's intelligence agency. Having rejected the idea of a military blow, the Inter-Service Intelligence does the dirty work: The genocide of the Baluch.

What about Balochistan?

thumbnail imageThe Baloch are sitting ducks. With the sea on one side, and Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan, they literally have nowhere to go. The world watches in horror as a steady trickle of deaths flows through the news on a daily basis. I call it “The Baloch Black” in my mind – the season’s color, except the season doesn’t end. No one seems inclined to take risks with safety or popularity for these people – no matter what they suffer.

Negligent dereliction of duty

thumbnail imageThese loyalists have not dissented since Ataullah Mengal’s government, perceived as hostile, was summarily dismissed in Balochistan in 1973

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