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Murders in Balochistan: I blame the government

thumbnail imageA friend of mine left Quetta for his hometown in Turbat recently without informing anyone.

Extra-judicial Killings in Balochistan and the Silence of International Community

thumbnail imageOne of the latest victims of the extra-judicial killings of Baloch people by Pakistani state and Army is my brother Faiz Mohammad Marri. He was arrested on the night between 6 and 7 November 2010. Pakistan security agencies raided his house in Metrowell area of Karachi, where he was receiving treatment for the torture wounds that were inflict on him by Pakistani security forces previously.

A “Heavy Price” for Defending Human Rights

thumbnail imageA prominent human rights defender Naeem Sabir has paid a heavy price for defending human rights in Balochistan. When the scene is that of a battlefield, definitely, performing such a crucial duty in such a situation is an act of bravery and a sign of commitment to one’s profession. It is perplexing why people working for human rights, peace and harmony are being target killed in cold blood and deprived of their own professional rights. Why are the perpetrators not brought to book? Importantly, why don’t human rights organizations, whose own members are killed, take any significant action? They are content with uttering a few words of condemnation.

Naeem Sabir: The Man I Knew

thumbnail imageNaeem Sabir was a prominent social worker and a human rights activist in Khuzdar, Balochistan. Sabir had been associated with the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) since 1997 and had been working to promote human rights in the district. In the recent past, he had been helping the Commission in documenting the cases of enforced disappearances of students, lawyers, political activists and other citizens and the subsequent recovery of their bullet-ridden, mutilated bodies in desolate places in the province.

Pakistan: A country created and being destroyed in the name of religion

thumbnail imageIf the situation is not checked very quickly, someone may soon write an epitaph: ‘Here lies a country which was created in the name of religion and was destroyed in the name of religion’.

Liberated woman of Balochistan is the mother of a free nation

thumbnail imageToday the Baloch mothers are being punished for raising the slogan of a secular and democratic Balochistan.

From before: Of Pakistani Death Squads, Baluch Masses and Slaughterhouses

thumbnail imageThe Pakistani occupation has adopted a more sinister strategy to suppress the Baluch Independence movement. In order to save itself from charges of ‘crimes against humanity’ it now employs a multifaceted strategy that focuses not only on eliminating Baluch Resistance Fighters, but also on taking out politicians, activists and civilians with the use of death squads.

George ka khuda hafiz — I

thumbnail imageOnce the relationship turned abusive and I feared for my life, I decide to call it quits. Today, the divorce comes through. Her name is Pakistan. And today, I am leaving her for good.

Gwadar: An unfulfilled dream

thumbnail imageMy trip to the ‘dream city’ of Gwadar is preceded by a reality check: “The situation here is volatile,” warns my friend, “Baloch political activists routinely disappear and are killed.”

When will we look their way?

thumbnail imageRiding a motorbike one fine afternoon in Lahore, on January 27, 22-year-old Faizan Haider and 26-year-old Faheem Shamshad breathed their last. Ten bullets fired from a 9mm Glock pistol handed them their death warrant.

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