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Baloch Could Divide Administration and Congress on Pakistan Policy

thumbnail imageIf the Baloch can tie their cause to the larger Congressional efforts to undermine U.S. aid to Pakistan, they could force the Administration to re-evaluate its current policy approach.

Time for the Gulf to show solidarity

thumbnail imageA powerful and liberated Greater Balochistan would be a guarantor of peace in the region and would also serve best the interests of the Gulf.

An email to Balach Marri

thumbnail imageToday while reading and deleting old emails, one caught my attention—suddenly taking me back ten years.

Is Pakistan heading for disaster in Balochistan?

thumbnail imagePakistan must end its policy of killings and kidnappings of Baloch people and recognise the importance of the region.

State Dept spokesperson Victoria Nuland responds to Baloch tweeple; coverage

thumbnail image"The United States is deeply concerned about the ongoing violence in Balochistan, especially targeted killings, disappearances and other human rights abuses...This is a complex issue. We strongly believe that the best way forward is for all the parties to resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue."

Updated: Of Pakistani Death Squads, Baluch Masses and Slaughterhouses

thumbnail imageThe Pakistani occupation has adopted a more sinister strategy to suppress the Baluch Independence movement. In order to save itself from charges of ‘crimes against humanity’ it now employs a multifaceted strategy that focuses not only on eliminating Baluch Resistance Fighters, but also on taking out politicians, activists and civilians with the use of death squads.

Balochistan’s Berlin Wall

thumbnail imageNeed one be surprised when the Baloch laugh at the “we” in the pronouncements of the political leaders! They don’t want anything from ‘us’. They just want control over whatever is left of their own resources.

Al Jazeera video: Balochistan: Pakistan's other war

thumbnail imageThe ongoing conflict in the remote province of Balochistan is often called Pakistan's "dirty war". Ethnic Balochi politicians and leaders share their vision of self-determination and freedom from Pakistani rule.

Bereft of reason

thumbnail imageThe support for the Baloch is an anathema for all the parties and politicians because it antagonises the army and not a single political entity is ready to risk its neck. There has been no mentionable show or even sham support for their rights

Solve the Pakistan problem by redrawing the map

thumbnail imageThe Baluchis were never consulted about becoming a part of Pakistan, and since then, they have been the victims of alternating persecution and neglect by the Pakistani state.

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