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Highlight on the past: Middleman in the Middle East

thumbnail image“This is Alastair Crooke. I’m afraid I might be a little late,” he apologised. “I’ve been kidnapped.” The district commissioner sent 12 Pakistani troops to retrieve Crooke, but they found him in no hurry to leave. He was, he said, going to stay put until something had been done about the tribesmen’s complaints.

Rehman Malik rubs salt on Baloch wounds

thumbnail imageAs if history is repeating itself, today under the PPP government, jihadist organizations are being pampered, Ahmedi mosques are being torched, Shias are being killed, Christian villages are being burnt to ashes and the army is engaged in a blood bath in Balochistan. They say that those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it. This time it would be the whole PPP as a party signing off on its political death warrant, along with the leadership to the Pakistan army generals.

Rehman Malik’s War

thumbnail imageNow that I hear our naive Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s new Balochistan plan, I find many things truly hilarious. The federal minister has “super-banned” the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA). I mean how do you ban a banned organization?

Of Pakistani Death Squads, Baluch Masses and Slaughterhouses

thumbnail imageThe Pakistani occupation has adopted a more sinister strategy to suppress the Baluch Independence movement. In order to save itself from charges of ‘crimes against humanity’ it now employs a multifaceted strategy that focuses not only on eliminating Baluch Resistance Fighters, but also on taking out politicians, activists and civilians with the use of death squads.

Poem by Khalid Hayat Jamaldini

thumbnail imageAlso, please read Khalid Jamaldini's essay 'When will the Balochs stop being victims of the Pakistani paramilitary forces?': "While in Washington DC when carrying out my research, I had to cross the Senate, Supreme Court and Capitol Hill buildings in order to get to the Congress Library but not even a single day have I been stopped but in my own land I have being asked ten times in one single hour to prove my identity."

Insist on participation in the Baloch national movement--avoid misleading interpretations of terminology

thumbnail imageThe Baloch have risked everything in this current war for survival and they have no options left. Even if the Baloch pledge allegiance to Iran and Pakistan, they still face the same threats, so the Baloch have only one path open to them--the arduous path to freedom that they now travel.

A tragedy within the tragedy

thumbnail imageThe Baloch sufferings raise not an eyebrow; the missing are still missing; Zakir Majeed’s family has been on hunger strike at the Quetta Press Club for months now but to no avail, Chakar Marri and Zaman Khan Marri are still missing along with hundreds others. I wonder if Mr Martin Mogwanja realised that the ‘tragedy within a tragedy’ holds true for both the sufferings of the Baloch due to natural calamities as relief is malevolently restricted and the state atrocities that they have been bearing since 1947.

The great Baloch martyr

thumbnail imageFour years after Bugti’s death, Balochistan’s state of affairs represents a worsening scenario. Human rights violations are growing, tensions between Islamabad and the Baloch people have mounted, economic activities are at a lifeless level and poverty has increased manifold.

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